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Not Just Another Identification Solutions Provider

Sardonyx Modern Systems is a Total Management Solutions Provider specialized in Security, Digital Photo ID Card Management Systems, Card Personalization Systems, Automated Time Management Systems, Identification and Verification Systems, Access Control Systems. Offering its services to small, medium and big businesses.

Sardonyx Modern System’s activities include import, delivery, installation, technical support and maintenance.

Sardonyx Modern Systems is a project oriented company with installations experience ranging from local and federal government institutes to organizations, multinational corporate, police departments, hotels, hospitals and clinics, insurance companies, shipping companies, construction companies, oil field companies, universities, private clubs trading companies, and many more.

Sardonyx Modern Systems is committed to offering quality service to its clients and understanding their ever growing needs to guarantee full customer satisfaction and to strengthen their confidence in our products and services.


At Sardonyx Modern Systems, we currently serve a wide variety of vertical markets including:

* Public Safety
* Law Enforcement
* Federal, State and Local Governments
* Retail and service establishments
* Hospitality – hotels, restaurants and resorts
* Aviation
* Banking
* Healthcare
* Telecommunications
* Amusement parks and recreational facilities


Our well established local presence in the Middle East & Africa enables us to be more accessible to our customers and continually build and maintain a close and trusted relationship.


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