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Fargo printer set a new standard in ID printing personalization: They feature cutting-edge technology that means high reliability and lots of customer-friendly features to meet the needs of your most demanding applications. Fargo printer can meet all of your ID card printer needs.

Fargo plastic card printer range starts from Persona C30 to HDP600LC. Fargo card printer cater to Direct to Card printing (DTC range) to High Definition Printing (HDP range). Direct to card DTC card printer from fargo uses the Dye sublimation Thermal Transfer technology whereas the High definition printing HDP card printer uses the Retransfer printing technology. The various models in Fargo includes Persona C30, DTC400, DTC500, DTC525, DTC550, HDP600 and HDP600 LC. We offer the complete range from Fargo including accessories like YMCKO ribbons, YMCKOK ribbons, polyguard overlaminate rolls, Holomark seals, HDP film, HDP holographic film, printer head, black monochrome ribbons and Cleaning Kit.


Persona Printer image
  • Clear, colorful printing of text, graphics, photos, bar codes and digitized signatures on one or both sides of the card.
  • Optional modules encode data for contact and contactless smart cards plus proximity and magnetic stripe cards for access control and other applications.
  • Eliminates hassles of loading ribbons and cleaning rollers with an easy-to-load integrated ribbon cartridge.
  • Print on card as thin as 9 mil and as thick as 40 mil. This includes the new thin plastic cards all the way up to clamshell proximity and smart cards with embedded electronics.
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, K-12 schools, local government, and membership and customer loyalty programs.
  • The Persona M30e is designed to personalize plastic cards with monochrome text, photos, bar codes or magnetic stripes, quickly and economically. It's ideal for on-the-spot issuance applications such as membership, library and customer loyalty cards, and visitor badges, where personalized data is added to pre-printed color cards.


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DTC550 Card Printer


  • Can encode up to three different smart card technologies, plus magnetic stripe, in the same pass as card printing and lamination.
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity and internal print server integrates with existing enterprise networks. Allows for centralized or distributed ID card issuance.
  • Optional lamination module adds an extra layer of security and durability that helps extend card life.








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DTC400E Card Printer


  • Dual- or single-sided Direct-to-Card printing of photos, bar codes and digital signatures.
  • An all-in-one ribbon cartridge combines the printer ribbon and card cleaning roller into one cartridge, eliminating the hassle of hard-to-load ribbons, separate card cleaning mechanisms and confusing indicator lights.
  • Optional DTC400e modules encode data onto contact and contactless smart cards, proximity access control cards and magnetic stripe cards.
  • Share your DTC400e in a network setting using the optional Ethernet or internal print server.
  • Ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses, K-12 schools, regional and local government agencies, membership and loyalty clubs, events and more.






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HDP 5000  
DTC 5000 Card printer


HID manufactures several type of technologies, from Wiegand to 13,56 MHz iCLASS and DESFire, as well as the 125 kHz Prox cards that made the company famous. Like all 125 kHhz Prox cards the HID Prox cards have no cryptography and the signal can be re-created by a $20 device at a distance of 20 cm.[5] Migration readers from various 125 kHz Prox technologies to 13,56 MHz iCLASS


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