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About Sardonyx Modern Systems

Sardonyx Modern systems is a recognized world leader in secure identification, Time Attendance management and Access Control software.


Sardonyx Modern Systems was established in 2007 and is proudly growing every year. Built on 18 years of partner experience in Digital Identification, Time Attendance & Access Control and Data Management, we fully understand the complexity of the increasing worldwide identity management challenges.


The main focus for our business currently is in the Middle East and Africa region to contribute and share in the technological and business advancements in the region.



To be amongst the top global companies delivering high quality digital identification solutions to the corporate & government market and be the preferred partner to all our esteemed customers.

We will deliver high quality solutions for the global markets, on-time within budget, through continuous improvements to processes, thereby maximizing benefits to partners & stakeholders.



At Sardonyx Modern Systems, we currently serve a wide variety of vertical markets including:

* Public Safety
* Law Enforcement
* Federal, State and Local Governments
* Retail and service establishments
* Hospitality – hotels, restaurants and resorts
* Aviation
* Banking
* Healthcare
* Telecommunications
* Amusement parks and recreational facilities


Our well established local presence in the Middle East & Africa enables us to be more accessible to our customers and continually build and maintain a close and trusted relationship.


Our Patronage


Our patronage extends from the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East nations (Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq) to the African continent (Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad).


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