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At Sardonyx  we realize that software is only a piece of the total package that you provide to the end-users. However, from the customer’s perspective it can be the most frustrating. It is important that you provide them with the very best. Happy customers lead to repeat business. By choosing to partner with Sardonyx, the current leader in ID card software and Time Attendance solutions and the fastest growing company, you're securing access to a comprehensive support package, designed entirely to assist you with promoting and selling Sardonyx products through the channel.

Take a look at the top reasons for partnering with the best:

Solid Leadership
Our products are unmatched. Competitors would have to completely reengineer their products to match our capabilities. No one has the depth of features that Sardonyx has, yet, we’re amazingly easy to use.

True Channel Commitment
Sardonyx places special emphasis on selling through the channel, over direct sales, and we've restructured our sales model to support this shift. Essentially, the more you commit to promoting Sardonyx products, the more we commit to you.

The Complete Solution
With the recent releases of Onyx Badger & Onyx Time, Sardonyx is now able to offer unique end-to-end ID badging and Time management solutions.

Consistent Growth
Sardonyx consistently acquires more new customers and replaces competitor’s customers than any other of our competitors.

Profits & Longevity
Sardonyx operates upon a proven business model, based on a sustainable strategy. And, with our own software products and reliable hardware suppliers, Sardonyx is here to stay.

How to Apply
Click here to fill out the online partnership application and indicate your core business and product offerings. We will respond to your inquiry within three business days.


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